Washable Antimicrobial Textile Products for a Safer Life

Reusable Textile Products for Medical Use

At Performance Fabrics, we care about life. We care about the safety of every person or animal that comes into contact with the world's increasing variety of disease-causing bacteria, viruses and microscopic allergens. We also care about our planet and the environmental effect of the products we use to combat these pathogens.

In 2001, we set out to design reusable textile products for Australian hospitals that would protect staff, patients and the public from MRSA, VRSA, E.coli, and other harmful pathogens. For nearly 20 years, we have been supplying hospitals, clinics, GPs, tattoo artists, vets and businesses with privacy curtains, theatre gowns, bedlinens, and surgical drapes and wrappers.

Environmental Mission

All Performance Fabrics products are washable and will last for years and years with normal laundering. We do not believe in disposable products, as research shows that washable textile products are significantly better for the environment and cheaper over time.

Our Products

After nearly 20 years in the industry, we are established market leaders in creating world class environmentally responsible innovative textile products that provide optimum levels of safety, comfort and durability for use in the healthcare industry, at home or even in outdoor activities such as camping. The ever expanding range of products we make includes:

  • Mattress and pillow protectors - antimicrobial, dust-mite killing, minimal-lint, breathable, un-coated, anti-static, fluid resistant.
  • High quality cotton sheeting and pillowcases - antimicrobial, dust-mite killing, breathable, un-coated, anti-static.
  • Privacy curtains - digitally printed, antimicrobial, dust-mite killing, anti-static. For healthcare and high use public areas such as clothing store changing cubicles.
  • Shower curtains - antimicrobial, fluid resistant, dust-mite killing, minimal-lint, anti-static.
  • Protective gowns - antimicrobial, fluid resistant, dust-mite killing, minimal-lint, anti-static. For operating theatre, veterinarians and environmental services/cleaning/maintenance workers.
  • Surgical drapes and wrappers - antimicrobial, fluid resistant, dust-mite killing, minimal-lint, anti-static. For operating theatre, veterinarians, etc.

See it SAFE® Supplier

Performance Fabrics is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of See it SAFE® textile products in Oceania. See it SAFE® is the world's only branded, antimicrobial, surgical quality, minimal-lint textile range that uses the power of pure silver in X-Static silver fibre to provide permanent 24/7 antimicrobial action for the life of the textile. X-Static has been tested against over 800 micro-organisms and found to kill 99.99% of each micro-organism tested.