1.    How to measure for a privacy curtain image

1. How to measure for a privacy curtain

Author: G. North  Date Posted:16 September 2013 

This measuring guide is for privacy curtains for hospitals, surgeries, changing cubicles, etc.

1.  Measure the length of each continuous track from one end to the other. Make a note of whether the curtain is required to completely extend to the full length of the track. I.E. the track may run against a wall for part of its length, so privacy would not be required for that part of the track, thus saving on curtains.

It is advisable to try to carefully run the tape along the track if possible, in order to correctly measure any bends.

This length will determine the width of the curtain/s that will be needed for that track. We normally add at least 10% to the track length to arrive at the width of the curtain. This is so that the curtain will have some 'fullness' and will not pull away from one end when you are drawing it across.

2.  Measure the distance between the floor and the bottom face of the track. This measurement will govern the drop of your curtain. The standard gap between bottom of curtain and floor in hospitals and surgeries is no more than 30cm and is usually around 15cm. Our standard curtain heights are designed to give a 12cm gap for 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m track heights.

3.   Is the track fixed directly to the ceiling or suspended some distance below the ceiling?
If it is fixed to the ceiling, you may need a mesh top on the curtain to allow ventilation and sprinkler systems to be effective in the space enclosed by the curtain.
If it is suspended, the curtain will not have a mesh top unless you specifically request it.

E.G. If your track is 3.0m long and 2.4m above the floor; you will need our 3.4m wide (for some fullness) x 2.27m high curtain size.
If your track is fixed directly to the ceiling then you may want the curtain height to include 30cm of mesh.

4.  If you are selecting a photographic or graphic image for 1 side of the curtain, then the other side must be a repeating pattern or semi-plain design; please let us know which side will be facing in toward the patient, i.e. the image or the repeating pattern.