See it SAFE Technical Information

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See it SAFE® ANTIMICROBIAL, washable curtains offer numerous advantages over disposable curtains: 

  • Permanently antimicrobial washable textile - completely safe, non-chemical action protects for life. 
  • Infinite digital design and colour choice or photographic printing onto the fabric - designs/colours never discontinue so replacements are always available. 
  • Cheaper than disposable curtains; See it SAFE® washable curtains last at least 15 years. 
  • Inherently flame retardant polyester textile - permanent. 
  • Crease resistant - look good with minimal ironing. 
  • Multi launderable - long life. 
  • Reversible - a different design on each side of the fabric is possible. 
  • Complies with: 
    • AS/NZS 4146 - Australian and New Zealand Standard for Laundry Practice. 
    • AS 3789.9 - Textiles for healthcare facilities and institutions: Curtains and patient bed screens: fabric performance properties for colourfastness. 
    • AS 2663.1 - Textiles - fabrics for window furnishings: Uncoated fabrics - dimensional change. 
    • AS/NZS 1530 part 3 - Flame Retardancy. 

See it SAFE® fabric performance exceeds that of all commonly used curtain fabrics due to See it SAFE® being ANTI-MICROBIAL for life. 

See it SAFE® antimicrobial, washable, patient privacy curtains work 24 /7 for at least 15 years, continually killing micro-organisms, 

whilst also providing a digitally printed image which can improve patient health and wellbeing. 

Recently installed throughout the new Blacktown Hospital, John Hunter Hospital complete curtain replacement program and in the new Tamworth Regional Referral Hospital, See it SAFE® is the preferred choice of HNELHD and many other hospitals in NSW. 

The product provides the optimum level of due diligence currently available against disease-causing bacteria. Its use constitutes the best practice and demonstrates compliance with the duty of care obligations outlined by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. 

The completely safe antimicrobial action lasts for the life of the curtain and will not wash off or wear out. Please refer to our technical brochure attached and laundry instructions. 

Over 800 micro-organisms have been tested so far. See it SAFE® fabrics kill 99% of dust mites and 99.99% of all tested micro-organisms within 60 minutes maximum. The kill rate is approximate: 45% within 10 minutes, 60% within 15 minutes, 78% within 25 minutes, 88% within 35 minutes, 94% within 45 minutes and 99.9% within 60 minutes. 

Warranty & Service: 

All goods are warranted against manufacturing faults for 12 months.